Saint Finbarre's Story

Long ago Cork started off as a marsh.The Celts came to Cork.We know that because archeologists have found the remains of the Celtic settlements. Finbarre was associated with the history of Cork as a City. Finbarre's father was from Co. Galway. He inherited land in Co. Cork. The land he inherited was in Gougane Barra. Finbarr was born in Gougane Barra around 560 A.D. Finbarre became a hermit. He lived in a cell on an island in Gougane Barra. He was a very famous holy person. People made a causeway of stones across to the island.

He decided to leave Gougane Barra.He went up the River Lee to the mouth of the river.

He founded a monastery of wooden cottages and one stone church.

The stone church stood where we now have St. Finbarre's Cathedral. The monastery became famous as a university. Teachers and students came there from around the world.

Finbarre was a bishop of Cork for 17 years. He died around 620 A.D.After Finbarre died he became known as Saint Finbarre. He is the patron saint of Cork.UCC is now to be found where St. Finbarre founded his monestry.'Where Finbarr taught let Munster learn' is the motto of University College Cork.


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