The Vikings

The Vikings came from Northern Europe. They were also called the Danes or the Norsemen. The countries where they came from are now called Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The Vikings found it very hard to survive in these areas. It very hard to farm in these countries because the land was very rocky and the climate was very harsh .They were very good boat builders. (Click on the map to see a bigger version)

They got their name from the Viking word a-viking which means raiding. They travelled to many countries raiding. In 795-Lambay island was attacked by the Vikings. They came to Cork in 820 A.D. In Ireland they raided monasteries because of the gold chalices and farm livestock. They took corn and cattle and gold. People were afraid and the monks built round towers to keep their valuables safe. There is still a round tower which was built by the monks, in Cloyne, in East Cork.

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When the Vikings came to Cork it was built on a marsh and a number of islands separated by channels of the R. Lee. The Vikings were good at building houses, streets, bridges and quaysides. Keyser's Hill was built by the Vikings and is one of the oldest streets in Cork.There are 25 steps on the hill. Keyser means the 'road to the wharf' where they had their boats tied up. The Vikings attacked St.Finbarre's monastery on a number of occasions. Even though the Vikings would be remembered in Cork for raiding and attacking, they also brought many skills to the city.

By Janice, Nicole and Megan

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