The Vikings


It was a wild and stormy evening. Dusk had just fallen. It was out on the hillside looking for the some sheep, which had strayed. I wished I was back beside the fire at home. Unfortunately there was no trace of the lost sheep. Suddenly I looked in amazement over the cliff. cliff.jpg (55496 bytes)
attack.jpg (47924 bytes) I saw five long curved vessels. Fierce looking men were getting out of their longboats. They were armed with axes and torches. The Land Leapers had arrived. I started to shiver with fear; I was terrified. My father had told us a lot of stories about these fierce warriors who had been attacking villages all along the coast.
Immediately I ran home to warn my family. Breathless I told the story to my father. He ordered me to take my mother to the monastery. Together we headed out into the stormy night. After arriving at the monastery we met Fr. O’Mahony. He acted quickly on hearing the awful news. He rang the bell and soon the villagers were scurrying into the tower as fast as they could. Women and children were screaming as they scrambled into the tower. As I looked from the window of the tower I saw the Vikings. They were fierce looking men with wild red hair and beards flee.jpg (65752 bytes)
ablaze.jpg (67472 bytes) With savage cries the Vikings set the thatched roofs on fire. Father O’Mahony slammed the door of the tower shut. The village of Knocknaheeny was ablaze with flames. One of the raiders attacked the door with his axe. We poured hot boiling water down on the attackers to try and get rid of them.

We were all going to escape through the secret tunnel when we heard a sudden clap of thunder. Shaking their axes in the air the Vikings returned to their longboats. Thank God, Knocknaheeny was safe, at least for the moment.

attack2.jpg (51842 bytes)

Story and Art Work by Ms.Murphy's 4th class

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