St. Mary’s on the hill N.S. provides a nurturing environment where diversity is celebrated, offering three specialised autism classes that cater to the unique needs of the pupils enrolled. We currently have one junior, one middle and one senior autism class, each of which has a ratio of 6:1. There is a dedicated autism class teacher and two special needs assistants in each class.

The three autism class teachers employ evidence- based strategies to create a supportive learning atmosphere, fostering social and academic growth. In St. Mary’s on the Hill we work towards developing independence and happiness for these children through activities such as art, drama, music, cooking, swimming, class trips as well as educational experiences.

With a focus on individualised education plans, our school promotes inclusion and understanding, ensuring that each student receives personalised attention to thrive both academically and socially. Children at St. Mary’s on the hill school also have access to a sensory room and a sensory garden. All of our autism classes are situated inside the main building which proves very successful for inclusion and overall well-being.