The School Completion Programme (SCP) run by the Le Chéile Team aims to retain young people in education. They operate a targeted referral system and offer families a range of services through their primary education, transitioning into secondary school and then further education or employment.

The le Chéile team has a  staff  of 5 that work across a number of schools including St. Mary’s on The Hill. Ingrid O Riordan, Monica Finn, Dave Kilty, Sinéad Donovan and Máiread Spillane are all part of the SCP team.

Some of the supports offered are:

  • Breakfast Programme
  • After School Programme
  • Homework Club
  • Transfer Programme
  • Incredible Years Classroom Dina Programme
  • Attendance, Monitoring and Tracking
  • Traveller Mentoring Programme
  • Summer Programme

Our work is based on a relational model, using team and a strengths-based perspective. While working directly in schools we are also very well connected into the local community. We focus our approach using a trauma informed lens and are continually building our skills to meet our goals.

For further information please contact

Ingrid O Riordan

Project Coordinator