Healthy Lunch Policy

Following consultation with the Board of Management, parents, pupils and teachers, St Mary’s on the Hill has implemented a ‘Healthy Lunch’ policy.

As a Déis band 1 school all our children are offered the free lunch scheme and will be routinely able to change their food order through the school year. This is completed in September in consultation with their class teacher. Any food allergies should be mentioned on school enrolment.

Crisps, fizzy drinks, sweets, toffees and lollipops are not permitted.

Friday is ‘Treat Day’, so children can have, for example, a small chocolate bar. Everyone is making a great effort.



Children must wear the school uniform (tracksuit is considered uniform) at all times in school and on school trips. Parents are notified of ‘full uniform days’ if necessary.
Both uniforms may be purchased in Buckley’s on the Shandon Street.
Our summer uniform (shorts) can be worn during May & June and September & October.


Homework Policy

Homework is given to consolidate work done during school. It also provides an opportunity for parents to gain an insight into some of the work carried out in school. Homework is set from Monday to Thursday only.