‘In St. Mary’s on the Hill we share our similarities and celebrate our differences’

The Yellow Flag Programme is a practical programme that supports schools to promote diversity and inclusion through an 8-step process. Here at St. Mary’s on the Hill we have successfully achieved the Yellow Flag status within our school and will receive our Flag in the New Year. 

Along with promoting an ethos of inclusion and diversity within our school we also host many events to celebrate the broad multicultural community within St. Mary’s on The Hill through the school year.   Our Yellow Flag team are looking forward to another year of celebrations in the year ahead and successfully challenge racism within our school through this initiative.

Yellow Flag Team 2023/2024

  • Mia Harris – 6th class
  • Adam Lynch – 6th class
  • Mahi Sarker – 5th class
  • Tori O’Connor – 5th class
  • Ruby Crowley -5th class
  • Jason Crean – 5th class
  • Eshan Kazi – 5th class
  • Er Fan Lin – 5th class
  • Sophia McNamara- 5th class
  • Charlie Murphy – 5th  class